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These bears are handmade from loved one’s clothing.
These precious keepsakes are a way to keep your loved one's memory alive and easy to place in the house.

I can work with button-down shirts, T-shirts, flannel, fleece, sweaters, blankets, pajamas, aprons, and other items. PLEASE SPECIFY if you would like the collar and button style for button-down shirts when you place an order.

The bears size is approximately 15 inches tall.

If you sending the baby clothes (onesie):

For one bear need :
0-3 months 4-5 pieces
6-13 months 2-3 pieces

Adults clothing :

Small, Medium 2 pieces of clothing
Large, XL 1 piece

Any other questions,
Please personal message me and we can talk about what fabric you would like. After you purchase, I will send you the shipping address so you can send your choice of fabric to me.

Memorial Bear

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